Holiday Limbo

The Holidays….arguably the most awkward time of the year for yours truly. It’s the missed connections. Had much grander plans last night: the first half worked out smoothly; screwed the pooch on the second half……by going to the wrong bar! It took a cool minute to get over my overall stupidity. Props to Monica for another slammin’ bootcamp, which was followed by Sunday almost Funday (The Holidays slowed down the action). Had the breakfast of champions and mad fun watching the games.


Of course I had to hit the beach afterward, and skate The Strand. Weather notwithstanding, it’s always good in the Beach Cities on the bikepath. Although I gotta say since it wasn’t prototypical beach weather, I ended up drifting off to what I’m missing up north…..


From what I’m hearing, it looks “running circles around it” better than it does in this picture. Over the last few days, all everyone tells me is that they’re hyped that Lake Tahoe is actually having a winter. So true. Heavenly already has more snow than they had all of last season. However, that is not my present but is my future. 


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