It’s Fun To Walk


The urban planner always appreciates places that are great to — and fun to — walk in and around. It’s only fitting that Vancouver, British Columbia is a top flight city. I cannot appreciate it in adulthood, as I only went as a kid. I love the fact there are no freeways within the core of town (only the suburbs), so there is not a lot of high speed enablers. When I read the article, I had to appreciate the high walkscores of the particular neighborhoods. If the score is in the 90s, you basically never need a car to live your everyday life. My recent case with the superflu has caused me to walk (or bike) the few times I had to go out, because driving was too hazardous. Living in Midtown Reno, I can do that in a major way. I moved to my current abode at the end of last summer, so this spring (around Earth Day) will be the first time I’ll be in MTR when it’s warm. I have a supermarche within a mile of me and lots of hangouts inside of that. Then it will be all about on the bike or on foot.


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