Torching $4 Billion = Wasting Lots of Potential

D Magazine : How Dallas is Throwing Away $4 Billion.

So Dallas, what will it be? Had to think about this one. Then realized the article makes a great point: a lot of through traffic on the IH-345 (it’s really a US 75/IH-45 interconnect) and tearing it down would make sense. Through traffic does this: 20 east to 635 north/west or 635 east/south to 20 west. Also, to think about it from a highway perspective, run the 75 down the Woodall Rogers Expressway routes in downtown and end it at IH-35E where it is in The Canyon. Or run it down its erstwhile course on the at-grade Central Expressway in Downtown Dallas. Meanwhile, IH-45 can just end at the 30 in a half interchange……..As for what happens after tearing out the 345 segment: had no idea that the surrounding streets can hold a quarter of a million vehicles extra, that’s near Champs Elysses levels. Downtown Dallas has plenty of potential: let the east end breathe, plus there will be additional room for light rail expansion in that direction. That cover photo in the article is by Hid-E-Us Design with the viaduct mucking up what is otherwise a top-notch view of DTD from the east. I’ve only seen it from the 35E side in a ride. However, the 35E is at ground level as far south as The Mixmaster. If I had to live in the 214, it would have to be in downtown. The suburbs are too suburban for me. In addition, festival season has too strong a pull on me. Plus, if I need to skip town, DFW and Love Field are a train ride away. Now if there were more frequent train runs toward Marshall (in one direction) and Austin (in the other)…….


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