NYC Proper Soccer Team……But At The Cost Of Open Space

So Mayor Bloomberg thinks that re-creating a park for the people in Corona in College Point (a long way off when using Lynch diagrams) will resolve the plan for a new MLS stadium. I’m a fan of the soccer-specific stadium with high level access via public transportation. However, the idea collides directly with the PlaNYC, the idea for all New Yorkers to live within 10 minutes of a park. Flushing Meadows-Corona Park is poorly maintained, but still quite popular among the neighbors. It’s a testament to how important open public space. (The ideal is 10 acres per 1000 people; realistically, one is lucky to get 2.5 acres per 1000 people, similar to my native South Bay [source]). Just another case of selling out public space for de facto free at the expense of the masses. Let’s not sleep on the fact the potential owner of a MLS team that actually resides in The City isn’t exactly a saint.



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