Bill Fulton is New SD Planning Director

San Diego Has New Planning Director


Bill Fulton is one of my favorite California planners of all time. In grad school, I read his book on Golden State planning and he keeps it interesting, thus making it an easy read. It will be interesting to see how he takes on his new position. San Diego has a great tradition of city planning and buildingHis lead mission is to “take in livability, pedestrian-friendly community development, economic development, affordable housing, and public transportation, and prepare San Diego for a future where suburban growth is replaced by infill redevelopment and neighborhood revitalization”. I know one thing I’d like to see is the BRT potential in certain areas; namely, what can be done to facilitate better public transit from Downtown to The Beaches (i.e., the ones the 8 have for a “control city”). Another is to further the growth of North Park. I haven’t been to SD in a few years; however, with Bill Fulton as Planning Director, America’s Finest City has a bright future.


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