Braves Moving to the Suburbs

Braves Moving to the Suburbs

A few days old, but………

So the (Unofficial) Team of the South is going to move from Downtown Atlanta to suburban Cobb County. What makes this move sublime and ridiculous is the fact Turner Field was built for the 1996 Olympics and bailing for The Perimeter implies that the stadium is outdated. I did not realize dogs and cats can now outlive stadiums! Seventeen years old, wow. Kids born in 1996 are still legally required to be cared for by their parents. On the other hand, the Atlanta Braves are planning to move closer to their suburban fanbase in the name of a shiny/fresh/new casa. I find it rather amusing that Cobb County just might get fleeced and exposed for lacking in priorities. Paying nearly half the stadium costs for a wealthy owner lacks in kosher when your schools are a live grease fire. The Urban Planner in me is additionally offended by the absence of public transportation in the plans. That’s Suburbia for you, classically classist.


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